New Guidelines on Plastic Recycling

Only Plastic Containers Coded 1,2, and 5 Accepted

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has announced an important change in its plastic container recycling rules for its single stream curbside recycling program. Only plastic containers (bottles and non-bottle) coded 1,2, and 5 are now acceptable in residential curbside recycling.

Plastic bottles and containers that are coded with the numbers 3,4,6,and 7 are not mandated recyclable materials in the Morris County Solid Waste Management Plan and are not acceptable in the MCMUA's single-stream recycling program.

Morris County's mandated recycling materials are plastic bottles and containers coded 1 and 2 (and containers coded #5 are being accepted), plus aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, steel (tin) cans, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, and organics that include leaves, grass clippings, brush, logs, stumps, branches and tree parts.

The MCMUA also requests that residents make sure their recyclable items are empty, clean and dry before putting them at the curb in reusable containers (loose, and not in plastic bags). There is only one exception for use of plastic bags: shredded paper can be placed inside of translucent plastic bags.

When plastic grocery bags and other flexible plastic film gets to the recycling center, they can be caught in the machinery and cause delays and increased processing costs. Clean, dry plastic bags can be recycled at local stores that have designated drop-off bins for plastic bags.

Click here for the Morris County Press Release. For additional information about acceptable and unacceptable materials in the MCMUA's "all-in-one'' single-stream curbside recycling program, visit

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