Energy Aggregation Program Meetings - January 16, 2019

NJ Community Energy Aggregation Program - Informational Meetings
January 16, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
Borough of Rockaway Community Center, 21-25 Union Street, Rockaway, New Jersey

Since 2017, the Borough of Rockaway, in conjunction with the Morris Area Energy Cooperative, established a Community Energy Aggregation Program. This Program allows for municipalities to pool together the energy usage of all Borough residents to obtain a lower electricity supply price. Eligible residents will be automatically entered into the program but can opt out if you choose not to participate.

• There are no fees or penalties to participate or not participate in this program.

• Residents will continue to get one bill from JCP&L.

• JCP&L will continue to maintain all power lines and poles.

• The rate offered is $0.0886/kWh, compared to JCP&L's prevailing Price to Compare rate of $0.095527/kWh and will go into effect on the March 2019 meter read date.

• NJ state approved municipal program.

• JCP&L Equal Payment programs (budget billing) will be accepted.

• Residents who have already contracted with a third party supplier and solar customers will not be included in this program.

Click here for more information regarding the Community Energy Aggregation program.

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