Fall Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquito season does not end when the fall begins. Adult mosquitoes are still active and Morris County Division of Mosquito Control inspectors are still out controlling larval and adult mosquitoes. Help protect family, friends and yourself from mosquito bites and mosquito borne disease by following these tips:

- Use an EPA registered repellent.

- Wear long sleeves and pants - much easier to do in the cooler weather!

- Avoid exposure to mosquitoes by staying in at dawn and dusk - this is when most mosquitoes are very active.

- Eliminate mosquito habitat around the home by dumping and draining standing water. Remember, mosquitoes will even lay their eggs in something as small as a bottle cap. Other good places to check are flowerpot saucers and corrugated drain pipes.

- Contact the Morris County Division of Mosquito Control at 973-285-6450 for more information or to submit a service request.

Check the Morris County Division of Mosquito control at www.morrismosquito.org for more information and the adult mosquito spray schedule.

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