Are Deer Eating Your Flowers?


Try a slow release organic nitrogen fertilizer that can be purchased in garden centers. Deer are repelled by its scent. Sprinkle it in your flower beds, and also make a barrier line about one foot out from the perimeter of your garden. Repeat every 5-6 weeks of the growing season, starting by May 1st. This fertilizer is safe around children, pets, and edible crops.

Perennial flowers - Try choosing perennial flowers (returning yearly) that are more deer resistant such as the peony, bee balm, catmint, coreopsis (tickseed) and Montauk daisy. Daffodils are a good bulb choice. As most of us Rockaway gardeners know, tulips and hosta are the "caviar" of plants to deer.

Annual flowers - Vinca, calendula, snapdragons, lantana, and cleome are good annual choices.

For more information or to join The Rockaway Borough Garden Club, call Lynn @ 973 627-8922.

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